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DEC 1ST 2018 - JAN 4TH 2019


Thanks to all the developers who worked hard participating in the TRON Accelerator competition. The winners' list can be found below.

You'll notice that we did not award two of the highest monetary awards we originally proposed,and we'd like to explain why:

After evaluating the great submissions that came in, we were pleasantly surprised by both the quality and quantity of the dApps made in support of the TRON ecosystem. We therefore reduced the two top prizes to give more developers a win - and money they'll receive for supporting our effort to reshape the internet. We've awarded money to 114 projects, totaling our original $1 million pool. We hope people understand and support the change, and thank you for your continued support of the TRON ecosystem.

We are also very happy to let you know that we will be listing winning projects on,,,, and a few other platforms.

Team nameCountry/regionProject nameFinal ScoreGrant amount
FomoSportsUS, Japan, TaiwanFomoSports x TRON8USDT 50,000
Crazy DogsUSCrazy Dogs Live8USDT 50,000
DAppExplorerChinaTronfun-Pixel7USDT 20,000
MicroZeroChinaTronHongBao(波场红包7USDT 20,000
Team GooEnglandTronGoo7USDT 20,000
PokerWin on TRONChinaPokerWin7USDT 20,000
Fishing Master StudioMalaysia/ 马来西亚Fishing Master7USDT 20,000
DAppExplorer.StudioChinatronfun-dice7USDT 20,000
tronyesChinaTronYes7USDT 20,000
TronWINUnited States, China, KoreaTronWIN6USDT 10,000
Tron SocietyGermanyConverse6USDT 10,000
老K团队中国老K矿机6USDT 10,000
dFlickersNepalTronCat6USDT 10,000
Hit DappsAustraliaPixel Wars6USDT 10,000
BOBOchinaThe Evolution of Trust6USDT 10,000
Will and his FamTaiwantron-hi-lo6USDT 10,000
Tron Monk 15RussiaTRON Anthills6USDT 10,000
888Russia888tron6USDT 10,000
LocalTRXUnited StatesLocalTRX6USDT 10,000
Pixel FarmJapanPixel Farm6USDT 10,000
Hit DappsAustraliaFOMO Long6USDT 10,000
Just StudioHong KongEpic Dragons6USDT 10,000
FirstbetCanada and ChinaReservebag6USDT 10,000
TronGameAustraliaTronGame.fun6USDT 10,000
Hit DappsAustraliaCoin Flip6USDT 10,000
ChainsightsUnited States and ChinaTron Ads Network6USDT 10,000
MicroZero(微零)ChinaWinLottery6USDT 10,000
voodoo innvationCanadaBettown6USDT 10,000
Crypto ProfessorSpainWheel Of Tron6USDT 10,000
BOGOHONGKONGTron Flappy Bird6USDT 10,000
MyTronRussiaMyTron6USDT 10,000
Time LabsNorwayTronkarp6USDT 10,000
TronSixCanada and ChinaTronSix5USDT 5,000
HitDappsAustraliaDappswiki5USDT 5,000
Team ShrimpAustraliaTRON Shrimp Farm5USDT 5,000
Aleksei KirsanowRussiaTron Village5USDT 5,000
Tron FOMONetherlandsTron FOMO5USDT 5,000
Thunder StonechinaTRON Crypto Mahjong 3D5USDT 5,000
Team TronMarketCapIndiaTronMarketCap5USDT 5,000
cryptomeetup中国cryptomeetup5USDT 5,000
DApp EvolutionUnited States, Canada, RussiaTronRadar5USDT 5,000
HappygamesboxVietnamKeno5USDT 5,000
MetroNIndiaTrOnline5USDT 5,000
Tronsmartcontract.spaceVietnamtronsmartcontract.space5USDT 5,000
ZigzagchainVietnamZigzag Ball4USDT 5,000
NicholasFranceTRONHOOK4USDT 5,000
Bruce Lin not LeeTaiwantron-painter4USDT 5,000
YdappChinaTronjoke4USDT 5,000
hyperdevboxjapanEtherKnight (Tron Edition)4USDT 5,000
Tron ProducerChinaTron Idol4USDT 5,000
KanggamestudioViệt NamWheel Of Fortune4USDT 5,000
DOS LabsUnited StatesOptionMarket4USDT 5,000
MyWishRussiaMyWish4USDT 5,000
NubeGameChinaTycoonway4USDT 5,000
Vladimir TomkoLatviaBlockchain Cuties4USDT 5,000
YEEYiTaiwantron-joyso-contract4USDT 5,000
HonorTeam 荣耀团队China 中国FOMO Dice 谁是骰王4USDT 5,000
CodeXpertGermanyCodeXpert4USDT 5,000
BinaryTronChinaBinaryTron4USDT 5,000
Hit DappAustraliaP2P Dice4USDT 5,000
TronBoxChinaTronBox4USDT 5,000
Bit2Sky中国TronLucky-红包雨4USDT 5,000
Decent TechCyprus, AustraliaSmart OTC4USDT 5,000
RamonovUSRage of Ramonov4USDT 5,000
HephyriusUnited KingdomTAiL (Tron Ai LIbrary)4USDT 5,000
YdappChinaXworld4USDT 5,000
TheAliasGroupUnited StatesTron Name Service4USDT 5,000
TronicleUnited StatesTronicle4USDT 5,000
Poseidon NetworkTaiwanPoseidon Network4USDT 5,000
BingoblockchainVietnamBingo3USDT 3,000
White MatrixChinaLast Trip3USDT 3,000
Moses-TeamChinaTronGuess3USDT 3,000
TronBeautyTaipeiCryptoBeauty.Art3USDT 3,000
zzsunChinawill3USDT 3,000
BattleForTroniaArgentinaBattle For Tronia3USDT 3,000
KingIsComingChinakeepguess3USDT 3,000
HashAIAustraliaHashAI3USDT 3,000
Orion GroupChina牛牛3USDT 3,000
ETW TeamLithuaniaEarn TRON Wall3USDT 3,000
AilogicУкраинаBrandprotect3USDT 3,000
hyperdevboxjapanTorpedo Launch3USDT 3,000
KribXIndiaKribX3USDT 3,000
TonArts中国TapMiners3USDT 3,000
TronVR spaceViet NamTron Virtual reality (VR)3USDT 3,000
Gaurav SinghCanadaTron Deals3USDT 3,000
黑暗森林中国DarkForest3USDT 3,000
PlayTronBritish Virgin IslandsPlayTron Diamond3USDT 3,000
AmbrpaySwitzerlandTron Ambrpay3USDT 3,000
FaceWorthsAustraliaFaceWorths3USDT 3,000
文体两开花ChinaRed Packet3USDT 3,000 Exchange3USDT 3,000
GreyhoundracinggameVietnamGreyhound Racing2USDT 1,000
scintillacanadaTronCase2USDT 1,000
cryptoElementchinacryptoElement2USDT 1,000
Nightwishchinatrx122USDT 1,000
Medet Ahmetson/Troll GamesChinaUnik2USDT 1,000
HephuriusUnited KingdomNoFilter2USDT 1,000
CryptoJaegerGermanyDExchange2USDT 1,000
Kyubey DexChinaKyubey Dex2USDT 1,000
Troll GamesShanghai, ChinaBLOCKLORDSSpecialUSDT 30,000
KOFOChinaKOFOSpecialUSDT 30,000
Tron KingdomUnited StatesTron KingdomSpecialUSDT 20,000
EverdragonsGermanyEverdragonsSpecialUSDT 20,000
Waiting all aloneTaiwantron-name-serviceSpecialUSDT 20,000
Block FishU.S.AHold'em HeroSpecialUSDT 20,000
Evolution LandChinaEvolution LandSpecialUSDT 20,000
TeamTaoistChinaCrytpo SkyscraperSpecialUSDT 20,000
Molotob LabUkraine (Belarus)TRON BirdsSpecialUSDT 20,000
AjoyLab中国疯狂拼音SpecialUSDT 20,000
RoboCoinUnited StatesRoboCoinSpecialUSDT 20,000
Wailian TechnologyUnited States of AmericaInstymatchSpecialUSDT 10,000
STOkenUSSTOkenStudioSpecialUSDT 10,000
Team Joy中国 北京Tron Joy(TRON贪吃蛇SpecialUSDT 10,000


TRON Accelerator is a $1 million USD program aiming to empower developers and foster innovation within the blockchain industry.

Developer teams are invited to submit their decentralized application project, build on the TRON protocol, and compete for one of the most ambitious Blockchain hackathons ever hosted.

Competition Timeline

Stay up to date with each major milestone so you can stay ahead

Project Submissions Opening
Project Submissions Closing
Judging Begins
Winners Picked
Prize Awarding Ceremony in San Francisco


Justin Sun
Justin Sun
TRON & BitTorrent
CEO and Founder
Justin Sun
TRON & BitTorrent
Founder of TRON, CEO of TRON, BitTorrent and Peiwo

— Justin Sun previously worked at Ripple as Chief Representative and Advisor, and founded Peiwo in 2013, one of the largest voice live streaming apps in China. His educational background includes the University of Pennsylvania, Peking University, and Hupan University (created by Jack Ma, Chairman of the Alibaba Group).

Cong Li
Cong Li
US Head of TRON Protocol
Cong Li
US Head of TRON Protocol

Cong Li previously worked at Google for ten years, serving in technical leadership roles for projects in backend, data pipeline, frontend, and others. He then led an engineering team at Airbnb in building the third generation of their financial data process system from scratch. He has an MS from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and a BS from Central South University.

Vincent Niu
Vincent Niu
Vincent Niu

— Founded DappReview in March 2018, the largest and most influential DApp platform in China. DappReview provides accurate DApp data, user insights and market analytics on blockchains including TRON, ETH, EOS, NAS, etc. As an early adopter of blockchain games, Vincent has played over 300 Dapps and wrote tens of professional reviews on new DApps and industry insights. He also helped several Dapps finish fund-raising as financial advisor. Vincent, graduated from Stanford University, is game enthusiast who literally owns almost all game consoles.

Alex Wearn
Alex Wearn
Alex Wearn

— Alex Wearn is the Co-founder and CEO of Aurora, creators of IDEX, the leading decentralized exchange. An alumnus of Amazon, Adobe, and IBM, Alex is focused on creating the most secure and user friendly trading experience in the world.

Daniel Fernandez
Daniel Fernandez
CEO & Founder
Daniel Fernandez
CEO & Founder

— Daniel is an entrepreneur and tech leader who has been involved in cryptocurrencies since 2012. He became an expert in decentralized finance and founded EasyTrade, the first decentralized exchange where you can do one-click trading.

Haozhi Chen
Haozhi Chen
Haozhi Chen

— Haozhi is a serial Internet entrepreneur of 20 years in China, with extensive experience in global gaming and developer community since 2009. He founded Chukong Technology, a leading Chinese game developer and publisher with operations in US, Japan and Korea. Chukong is the main sponsor of Cocos2d-x, the No. 1 game engine in Asia and No. 2 worldwide by market share. Since 2009, 1.1 million developers registered on Cocos community, while 3 million developers are estimated to have used Cocos engine. The ad network arm of Cocos covers 14 million daily active users and 605 million devices globally. Prior to Chukong, he founded Yeeyan, XCar and, all known as the leading startups in their time.

Dio Ianakiara
Dio Ianakiara
TronWallet Inc.
Dio Ianakiara
TronWallet Inc.

— Dio Ianakiara is Founder of Getty/IO Inc, South America’s largest nearshore front-end development firm specialized in modern Javascript, AWS and Blockchain. He is also the Founder and CEO of TronWallet, a secure p2p crypto wallet and exchange for TRON. Expert in digital transformation, blockchain technologies and high performance systems. Dio is graduated from FIAP university in São Paulo and currently resides with his family in Vancouver.

Discus Fish
Discus Fish
Cobo Wallet
CEO & Co-Founder
Discus Fish
Cobo Wallet
CEO & Co-Founder

— In Cobo, Discus Fish heads corporate strategy, product design, and domestic marketing. One of China’s earliest cryptocurrency pioneers, Discus wrote the very first Chinese-language mining tutorial and led the development of the 24-hour settlement protocol. He also co-founded F2Pool, now the world’s largest mining pool of integrated digital currencies. Having played a significant role in establishing China’s mining presence on the world stage, Discus continues to be a thought leader for China’s cryptocurrency entrepreneurs. He is also the co-founder and COO of Yibite, the first Bitcoin portal in China.

Juliun Brabon
Juliun Brabon
CEO & Co-founder
Juliun Brabon
CEO & Co-founder

— As founder of Sesameseed, Juliun is a community and developer advocate on the Tron network. Advising on multiple projects developed on Tron, creating the SEEDGerminator development platform and successfully funding projects with Super Representative candidate rewards though the use of the SEED token.

Juliun has a background as an executive in the pharmaceutical space, specializing in process development and efficiency. Over the past 8 months he has built one of the most prominent Tron communities and seeks to further disrupt the space by operating Sesameseed as a transparent and open community, for developers to leverage and debut projects to those that wish to support them the most, the Tron community.


— Nick is founder of As a hardcore cryptogamer, played over 200 cryptogames and helped those games entered Chinese market. He is also a writer of most subscribed Chinese cryptogames columns on the public forums on Wechat ZhiHu (the Quora of China) and WeChat. He is the founder of first and largest Chinese cryptogame community with > 10k loyal members. He is a partner and fund manager at MSI Investment. Prior to MSI, he served in PwC (PriceWaterHouse Coopers) Deals-Mergers & Acquisitions Department. As a fervent player, in Jan and Feb of 2018 along, his total amount of transactions played on those over 100 cryptogames was approximately 1300 Ethereums.


  • Developers can apply and participate individually or (with)in a team. There is no limit on the number of team members per team.
  • All team members must have registered and agree to the competition rules to participate.
  • All development(s) must be based on the TRON protocol. More information about TRON’s protocol please refer to our documentation platform and on our Github.
  • Submissions must be turned in prior to the deadline on January 4th, 2019, Midnight (PST). Participants must use the following form (to be announced) for submission, and include operable program, code, and descriptive documentation using a Github link.
  • Registration for the contest must be completed and submitted before January 1st, 2019 Midnight (PST).
  • Submissions must be in English or Simplified Chinese only.
  • Participants are legally responsible for their projects.
  • Prizes are project based. Teams can submit multiple projects and potentially obtain multiple prizes.
  • Winning teams are subject to a code review.
  • Review Breakdown:
    1. Daily # of transactions (30%)
    2. Work integrity (30%)
    3. Operation stability (30%)
    4. Product innovation (10%)


If you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact us at

TRON Accelerator invites DApp developers all over the world to join this blockchain event, build DApps on TRON's network, and shape the future. All DApps are welcomed to join the competition, including Games, Application Tools, Decentralized Exchanges, and more.

We are excited to share our high performance blockchain infrastructure with our developer community, by providing a platform to build DApps on the TRON network. Developers would appreicate our high transaction speed, low development fee, and user-friendly interface. In return, this would also boost our TRON ecosystem.

TRON Accelerator is a 1,000,000 USD online competition rewarding up to 56 winning DApp projects across multiple categories. Different from previous accelerator program, TRON Accelerator does not feature loans or equity models. Winning teams and developers keep ownership of their projects after being rewarded.

There is no limit on the number of team members per team. Up to three winners would be invited TRON's niTROn Summit in San Francisco to attend the award. Up to $5,000 travel expenses will be covered. Prizes are project based. Teams can submit multiple projects and potentially obtain multiple prizes.

You can get our technical docs and development tools from our developer hub.

For technical questions and announcements, please join our Discord Channel;
For offline community events, please follow our Meetup group and Twitter;

Compeleted DApps may be listed on DappHouse, as well as DApp platforms like DappReview and DappRadar.

Yes, you can. We encourage good projects to migrate to TRON Network. However, previous completed DApps on TRON would not qualify; contact us if you have an ongoing project already collaborating with TRON.

Yes, you can. It is OK for you to not use TVM, but you have to be on the Mainnet.

Developers own them and will be legally responsible for their DApps, too.

You can register by clicking the register button. Final details for submission will be coming shortly.

niTROn Summit
San Francisco
Jan 17th - 18th, 2019